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Crossfit League India 2021

Registration fees : Rs 1000

We are here to announce the Broadway Crossfit League India 2021

It is organized for the first time in India. We are here to promote our youth towards “Crossfit” and use the platform to showcase their talent to the best of their ability. Crossfit is the best way to live a healthy life as it includes full-body workout and development. Let’s just take part in the event and play it with good sportsmanship.
This platform also motivates the girl power and expects a large number of participation from them. This is a good opportunity to prove that girls are no less than anybody
All the best. May the Best Person Win


2,3,4 April 2021


9:00 AM

Crossfit League India 2021

3 Rounds

Qualify Round

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Get Over Fatigue

Do Till You Die

Round - 1

The Qualifying Round

It exercises all the basic activities that showcase your skills and stamina to make you stand out of the crowd. Hence make the best use of the round to shine and make your place in next round.

Round - 2

Get Over Fatigue

It uses all your power and your passion to win over your Weaknesses and go to our final level as the competition gets tougher from here. Dont give up on our mind as your mind does what you say.

Round - 3

Do Till You Die

The Finale

Here comes the most challenging part of the competition. Work hard till your last breath. And become India’s first crossfit winner. All The Best.

Event Schedule

Following is the information regarding the competition. So Get Set Go

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NCC Senior Secondary Model School Naraingarh road Ambala City Haryana India

Email Id

Phone No

+91 9971780993

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Registration fees : Rs 1000


We are here to promote all the talented people out there, those working hard for their fitness. This is the best opportunity for all of you and we appreciate the healthy competition.

Dr. Hitesh

Fitness Coach and Judge

Dr. Nisha Malik

Miss Haryana

Female Judge

Aman Kohar


Guest of honor

They are masters of their business. They have excelled in their field and are setting the best example in our country. Let’s just learn from them and imbibe from them. We are thankful to them for being part of the competition.

Sh. Bhupender Dhawan

President of Asian Powerlifting Union

Dronacharya Award (2000)

Sh. Sujit Khatri

Director Dronacharya The Gym

Winning Prize

Ist Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize


Fourth Prize


Fifth Prize


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